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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling is the process of finding a solution to reconcile the differences between the husband and wife. Marriage is a universal phenomenon and in the present scenario the same can be said about marital conflicts too.

Marriage can bring with it, its share of problems and issues and certain couples find it hard to cope with and find a solution between them. This is where a marriage counselor plays the role of a mediator by counseling them and making them realize their shortcomings.

In the earlier days, close friends and relatives who would help in resolving the issues between a couple and step in to bridge the gap between the two individuals and unite them did counseling. Nowadays, as with all fields where specialization has stepped in, marriage is thus, not left unaffected. There are professionals in this field too who have undergone specialized training to handle varied situations.

The fast changing, modern society has seen the growth of nuclear families; the bonds are getting weaker with time. Therefore, the need for professionals like marriage counselors who can make a difference has become important.

Marriage counseling can be a great help in saving marriages and restoring relationships. Marriage counselors are trained persons who can be of great help in saving troubled marriages. Counseling is based on the background of the individuals, their present, the problems and the gravity of the situation.

The first step in this process of marriage counseling has to be initiated by the couple themselves. The couple has to realize that a problem exists and a desire to resolve it so that they can get back to their good old happy days is essential. Marriage counseling helps by looking at the problem in a scientific manner without being biased. Marriage counseling would involve assessing the problem, understanding the past of the individuals involved and finding a solution that not only suits them best but is also acceptable to both the husband and the wife.

There are people who even seek pre-marriage counseling re-marriage counseling. Only if the foundation is string can one build a strong structure on it. Pre-marriage counseling can thus, help lay a strong base on which the couple can build a good and strong relationship based on love and trust.

Most problems of the couple(s) can be solved with a few sessions of counseling. In some cases an extended session of counseling is required wherein the couple would have to meet the counselor together and also individually. This would help the marriage counselor in understanding the individuals and their problems better. There are many reasons why a married couple would seek marriage counseling to resolve their issues.

This would differ from couple to couple. Issues such as misunderstanding, ego, and infidelity to name a few are common causes for seeking help. Before starting with marriage counseling, it is vital that both the husband and wife feel comfortable with their counselor, as the counselor would bring up delicate issues that you have been avoiding for long.

Hence, marriage counseling may be able to play a significant role in help saving your marriage and restoring the peace and happiness that have been missing for long.

Sig Yanosway has been a professional in the counseling field for 30 years. For more information on marriage counseling visit http://family-marriage-counseling.com